lakes landscape image



lakes quarry image  Barry and Fred (aka Bill) met each other about fouteeen years ago now when they went on a weekend get together shoot as part of a large international photography web site that they were both and still are members of. They met up at Keswick in the Lake District a part of the world new to Bazza coming from the North Kent coast but which had been Bills back garden for many years. Bill was and still is a keen hiker, fell walker and mountain climber and had walked and climbed most of the hills, fells and mountains in Northern England in his time. Both keen photographers Barry an experienced and expert photographer of long standing and chock full of vision and ideas and Bill really just starting to become enthusiastic after retiring early but taken with the advent of digital imaging having always worked closely with computers over more years than he cares to remember.  

 The objective was to shoot landscapes and an enjoyable time was had by all but it was to prove the precursor to an adventure into an altogether more challenging and exciting sphere of photography as Bazza had stayed over until the Monday and heard the roar and then seen the fast jests low flying which being an avid motorsport and action photographer more than caught his attention. As soon as he got home he called Bill who he had an inkling may just be interested and said what about photographing the low flying jets well Bill had spent years dodging them in the hills but had never thought about photographing them but it seemed more than a good idea as he could mix his mountain skills with photography get out in the fresh air and maybe a pint or two of Guinness as well so it was good to go.   

Hawk aircraft  So on the 10th April 2006 Bazza and Bill arrived at the Bwlch carpark. They had talked at length the previous evening about what to expect and Bazza as ever had given great advice on how to shoot fast moving objects both were uncertain as to what would happen. It wasn't too long before they found out as a Tornado came thundering out of the blue up out of the Bwlch Pass and tore over their heads in the car park the noise and smell of burnt fuel was overwhelming no photographs but what a start to the day. The challenge and excitement of unpredictability, alertness, awareness, shot selection and honing of panning skills and the attributes of being able to think, act, anticipate and innovate quickly were all in play that day. There were lessons to be learnt, there is a massive commitment of time and energy involved in capturing these images but the rewards in terms of personal satisfaction have been immense.

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